Portfolio Assessment

Application modernization can seem like a daunting task. It’s hard to know where to start, especially without a thorough assessment of your current application landscape.

Shoreview Technologies Portfolio Assessment can help you take that first step with confidence. Using our established software and expertise, we collect and analyze information on your source code assets, data structures, use cases and functional interdependencies. We also determine how workloads and applications are used to achieve your organization’s objectives. Armed with this information, we collaborate with you to create a comprehensive application modernization roadmap for the future.

The Shoreview Technologies Portfolio Assessment offers:

Repository and collaboration: We track application assets, capture changes, make revisions and sign off — right in the tool — to help ensure that all information is up to date and available to all stakeholders during any stage of the project.

Shoreview Technologies Services helps you identify and structure disposition strategies for your portfolio components into a transformational program that balances business priorities with costs and risks. Through our portfolio assessment, we can develop a tailored legacy modernization strategy designed to meet your organizational needs within your specified time frame.

Get the ideal customized approach for your modernization project now and learn how we can help you achieve success.