Information Security Framework

Effective security program design and management involves your entire organization. Security programs require clear and well-defined security processes and standards to be successful. Each step in the creation of an IT security plan requires careful attention to detail at every level and from every group within your organization.

Shoreview Technologies security consultants can help you design an effective IT security plan tailored to your organization. Focusing on your organization’s unique needs, Shoreview Technologies security consultants will partner with your staff to help design a plan that addresses processes, requirements, standards and policies to protect your organization, your information and your brand.

Our solutions are designed to enhance the security of virtually all aspects of your business—people, data, applications and infrastructure—with built-in intelligence and analytics. This approach allows you to understand and prioritize risks and vulnerabilities based on their potential to disrupt critical business processes, thus helping you to better align IT security with your business goals.

Sophisticated IT security threats combined with the need for data access anywhere and anytime can create vulnerabilities throughout your organization. The Shoreview Technologies Information Security Framework provides repeatable, measurable processes and a roadmap to address your security needs.

Advanced security and threat research Provides a foundation for better understanding threats, their sources and effective response to these attacks

Security maturity model Helps clarify appropriate security controls based on an organization’s maturity level within each domain (people, data, applications and infrastructure)