Application Security

Your organization utilizes a wide range of software applications critical the business operations. A diverse group of end users counts on those apps – your employees, suppliers and partners – many working in different locations, on different tasks, and all expecting reliable access.

But how secure are those applications? According to a 2013 report by Aspect Security, 98 percent of applications (including web-based, client/server or mainframe) have security flaws. So it stands to reason that organizations face application attacks every day.

We know that security attacks are relentless and persistent – but they don’t have to be a deterrent to business growth or employee productivity. Our comprehensive application security portfolio helps you reduce vulnerabilities, improve safety measures and keep your critical applications up and running. We help you get the security IT management you need, from a complete end-to end solution to individual services. Here’s what we can do:

Security assurance: Protect the data and resources contained in and controlled by your applications.

Identity and access management: Provide the right employees with access to business-critical information.

Security monitoring: Analyze applications to identify vulnerabilities and troubleshoot problems.

Application data protection: Safeguard the data associated with your applications.